Market My Holistic Biz

Holistic Marketing with Integrity Not Trickery

If you’re like me, you don’t like feeling tricked or manipulated. I love what I do and believe in the power of integrity-based holistic marketing with every fiber of my being.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ‘tried and true’ marketing tactics that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole because I feel that they insult the intelligence of my audience and they are misaligned with my values

Recently, I was on the receiving end of such a tactic when I opened an email  newsletter from a well-liked and trusted social media resource.

Here’s how it went:

1. Catchy title grabs my attention and makes me want to investigate the article. It wasn’t her article or her website, but it was her recommendation (which is worth noting when considering who and what you choose to recommend.)

2. I start to read and a pop up appears asking if I want to subscribe to this website’s article feed. No biggie. That’s a pretty standard tactic that I don’t find offensive because I can just say ‘no thanks,’ which I did.

3. After the first couple of paragraphs, there is a link that leads to the rest of the article; also, not uncommon. I click and then….

4. Here’s where the maddening marketing came in.  A banner beneath informs me that “Membership is required to access this how-to marketing article … don’t worry though, it’s FREE!”  Now I feel tricked and manipulated, which could have been avoided had it been made clear from the first click that I’d need to surrender my email to read the article.  I clicked away, never to return.

The moral of the story? 

It is not only good marketing to ask someone to give you something in order to get something, it is a healthy application of the law of reciprocity …as long as you are clear about it at the outset.

That way, you’re allowing others to make an informed decision as to whether what they will get is a fair trade for what they are being asked to give.  You’re also setting the tone for trust in a budding relationship!

I offer you this take-away from my unpleasant marketing experience:

1. It is possible to market your holistic business with integrity and in alignment with your values, without being manipulative or insulting anyone’s intelligence.

2. I know this to be a fact because i’ts exactly what I’ve been showing holistic business owners how to do since 2007.

If you’d like to discuss how I do that, I invite you to contact me  to schedule a complimentary chat.  No strings, just a conversation