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Holistic Sales: The Secret to Making Sales without Selling

We all like to buy things –especially things that solve a problem– but most of us don’t like to feel like we are being “sold to.”  It can be a dilemma.

Think about something that you’ve paid for that has had a major impact on your life then consider what your life would be like without it.

For example…

A couple of years ago, I moved to New Hampshire and “enjoyed” my first encounter with black fly season.  I quickly learned that these puppies take biting seriously!  They actually remove a chunk of flesh!

Shocking, for sure, and I probably could have learned to live with were it not for the unrelenting itch that woke me from a sound sleep at 4 am demanding my full attention!

Two nights of that and I most definitely had a problem in need of a solution.

I had two choices.  Stay indoors til the end of black fly season or find a repellent that would make me less tasty.  I like being outdoors so, I began searching for a non-toxic way to repel these teeth-with-wings!

Several hours scouring the internet led me to an amazing product called Shoe Fly Soap that renders me invisible to the dermis devouring demons.

To say I would suffer dramatic negative repercussions without this product is not an understatement.

Now, suppose the company that makes that wonder soap was afraid they’d be bothering people by marketing and trying to sell their product?

If you are being held back from having the kind of success you dream of because you don’t want to seem pushy, have a fear of rejection, or suffer from extreme introvert-itis, I want you to know that  it is possible to be exactly who you are and still sell your products or services with gusto and predictability.  Which is a very good thing since it leads to stuff like:

  • paying your bills on time every month
  • investing in business and personal development without agonizing over spending decision
  • taking a vacation without feeling guilty

All of these add up to less stress, and less stress means a happier, healthier, more-fun-to-be-around you!  Which means you’ll be a better partner, parent, provider and an all-around joyful soul!

If you’re thinking something like, “Sounds great but I have serious doubts that it’s possible to get those kind of results without being pushy and I’d rather be poor than a pushy salesperson!”

I hear ya.  I felt the same way until I learned that the secret lies in learning how to lead people to a place where they can make empowering choices that solve their problem.  Specifically the problems that you know how to solve!

There’s a pretty simple formula for it and I’d be happy to teach you how to put it to work in your business, all you have to do is ask!