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Mini Marketing Makeovers

Is your visual image getting a little stale?

Has it been over a year since your last marketing message update?

Want to shake things up without taking on a full-blown re-branding project?

Then you’re a candidate for a Mini Marketing Makeover!

Mini Marketing MakeoversWhat is an  M3 avatar

It’s when you take one small area of your marketing and fluff it up with a new look and feel.  Here are just a few ideas of ways you could do this…

  • Redefine your ideal client
  • Update your free giveaway on your website
  • Create a signature product or service
  • Freshen your brand or logo with a crisp, current color palette
  • Refresh your marketing plan

Pretty much any aspect of your marketing that needs attention can be addressed in a bite-sized chunk!

Why do an M3 avatar

It’s a quick, easy, budget-friendly way to infuse your business with a boost of fresh energy and…

1.  Capture the attention of potential clients

2.  Communicate that your company is alive and thriving

3.  Create a resurgence of interest in your expertise and problem solving skills

How does an M3 avatarwork

In 3 simple steps!

1.  Fill out the form below to schedule a call with me  ~ The call is free!

2.  Pick an area of focus to fluff up  ~ Don’t worry, we can determine this when we talk if you aren’t sure what to tackle.

3.  Together, we’ll create your fresh new feel!  ~ You bring your expert knowledge and I provide the marketing know-how!

What does an M3 avatarcost

It all depends on just how much fluffin’ you’re in the market for and our initial chat is complimentary.


Why not take the first step right now and fill out this simple form? 

The call is free so, you’ve got nothing to lose…except an out-dated image!


M3 Inquiry

  • Please provide the information below and I'll respond within 24 business hours to schedule our Mini Marketing Makeover call!