Market My Holistic Biz

Pink Spoon Part II: How to Overdeliver without Overwhelming

When last we met, I talked to you about the pink spoon concept for giving folks a sample of your particular flavor of holistic business brilliance.

Today I’m going to offer up some ways you can put the concept to use effectively – because there is a difference between using it and using it well!  

A well-designed pink spoon offer will:

  1. showcase your knowledge and position you as an expert
  2. provide valuable information that can have an immediate impact and
  3. include instructions about “what to do” without going into detail about “how to do it”

Let’s take a closer look at each of those.

1.  Showcasing your knowledge and expertise is about educating people.   It is not about being boastful or egotistical.  It is about humbly and authentically sharing what you know.  Everyone knows stuff.  But none of us knows everything.  If you know stuff that could help me solve a problem, then by all means, share it because I want my problems solved ASAP!

Even if I’m not currently suffering from the kind of problem that you solve, someday I just might.  How will I know to call you when that happens unless you’ve made it clear to me that you are the expert?  Don’t make me call someone else!

2. Provide valuable information that delivers immediate impact, just like I’m doing here.  I’m explaining an important marketing concept; why it is important; and the parts that go into making it work.  If you take what I’m giving you and apply it, it can have an immediate impact on your business.

3. Confine your free taste to “what to do” and leave out the specifics of “how to do it.”   The idea is to whet the appetite for more.  I know you reeeeeeally want to help people.  We all do.  But it took you a long time to become the expert that you are.  You aren’t helping people when you overwhelm them with more information than they are able to digest.  Please refrain from unloading everything you know in your first or second encounter with someone!

Always leave your audience wanting more… that’s why they created encores (a.k.a. repeat business!)

The bottom line is this:  It is possible to overdeliver value by crafting a nutrient-rich free taste, without overwhelming the recipient with more than they can comfortably swallow.

Next time I’ll talk to you about some ways you can package your free taste and how to know choose one that’s right for your business.