Market My Holistic Biz


I offer a customized approach based on your business needs.

I pride myself on providing a polished, professional presence that’s in alignment with your budget.

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to simultaneously grasp the ground level and hawk’s-eye view a of situation and develop simple strategies to address both perspectives.

When we talk, I’ll ask you a lot of questions and together we’ll assess how we can best work together to accomplish your goals along one of the following paths:

Consulting – In this model, we evaluate your goals and needs, then I provide you with a plan to follow and execute on your own.

Coaching – We go through the same evaluation process but you also receive weekly guidance and accountability from me as you execute the formulated plan.

Coaching with Hands-on Help –  We evaluate your goals and needs and we work the plan together; I provide you with weekly guidance and accountability, as well as some done-for-you components.

Here are some of the specific areas in which I can help you:

Contact me today to schedule a call so we can get acquainted.

Rave Reviews

“Before I started working with Lisa, all I really had was a business idea and a lot of passion, but I  had no idea how to put it all together.

Lisa helped me create a business plan and  diligently worked with me to really identify my ideal clients.  She guided me through the entire marketing process, tackling each stage in a strategic manner, covering everything from creating the most effective brochure to how to build relationships and turn them into profits - she even came up with a great name for my business!

Now that I am ready to open my doors and start seeing clients, I am so confident because Lisa has armed me with all the tools to help me to stand head and shoulders above my competitors, to help prospects see what makes me unique in my business and to make money doing what I love.   I am forever grateful – thank you Lisa!”

Deidre Merritt Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

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